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Personal Injury Legal Services

Personal injury is an injury to the body, mind or emotions resulting from the careless actions of another person. A personal injury can also occur due to negligence or even an intentional act.  Common personal injuries that result in a legal action include auto accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractice, and personal injuries caused by slipping and falling due to negligence from a business or property owner. Personal injury can also occur in assault claims and product liability.

When you suffer a personal injury, it can result in economic losses due to medical bills and lost wages, sometimes even the loss of a job.  Insurance may cover much of your medical bills but in most cases, there are still costs you may have to cover on your own.  If the injury is severe, there may be damage that will permanently impact your quality of life.

If you have experienced a personal injury, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer that has proven results in obtaining adequate compensation for his or her clients.  The personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of N. David DuRant & Associates are the perfect lawyers for you.  We work non-stop to help our clients receive monetary compensation to cover their medical bills, lost wages and wrongful death.  We also take into account any pain and suffering you have had to endure. 

We represent clients that have been injured any many ways including, but not limited to:

  • Car wrecks
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Jet ski or boat accidents
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Falls on business or residential properties
  • Wrongful death situations
  • Auto accidents such as pedestrians or bicycle riders being struck by a vehicle
  • & more

Our Myrtle Beach personal injury attorneys have been very successful in winning personal injury cases for our clients. We meet with our clients and help them to understand their legal rights when they have suffered a personal injury due to someone’s reckless behavior or negligence in taking care of their property or duty.  We will review all your options and set realistic expectations in what you can expect from your personal injury claim.

If you have experienced a personal injury, give our law firm a call today to discover the options you have available to you – 843-650-7800!


Workers Compensation Lawyers

Have you experienced an injury at work? If so, our competent workers compensation lawyers will guide you through the process of workers’ compensation to ensure the insurance company will not mislead you or take advantage of you.

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance purchased by employers to cover employee work-related injuries. This is a program mandated by law to pay an employee who gets injured in connection with work. There are some limits on incidents that are covered by workers compensation insurance. States can demand that an alcohol or drug test been done on an employee that has been injured on the job. Employers have the right to deny benefits to an employee that fails a drug or alcohol test that shows they were under the influence during the time of an accident.

A person can sue an employer over an injury at work, if the employer has committed some kind of careless act. You can skip over the workers’ compensation process and sue the employer in court for full range of damages.

There are three primary participants in a workers compensation case. They are the injured worker, the insurance company and the administrative law judge. In these types of cases, neither the insurance company nor judge will be advocating for the injured worker. The judge is not allowed to by law and it is in the insurance company’s best interest to pay you as little as possible.

If you’ve been hurt at work, our workers compensation lawyers can help you in determining what kind of insurance benefits you can receive and ensure you receive the maximum payout.

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